Triple J Rules

Triple J Ranch

Ropin?...Ridin'... & Slidin'...

RULES for Triple J Ranch, Triple J Arena and the Triple JRV & Horse Park

On day of arrival please check in with Rhonda Holmes or barn manager and sign releases and leave copy of horse coggins.

Remember this is a training facility – When Jay Holmes or any other Triple J Ranch trainers are using the arenas. Please be courteous and stay out of the arena. Unless you have a scheduled lesson or invited in to join the fun.

No Barrel Racing, Pole Bending or Shooting allowed in any of the arenas, unless approved by Jay or Rhonda Holmes.

No Smoking in or around barns.

Do not allow your horses to run loose.

If you ride in the 200 acres, there must be at least two riders. Safety in numbers...

If a gate is shut - Keep it shut.

If a gate is open - Keep it open.

If you turn it on - Turn it off.

If you break it - Admit it.

If you can't fix it - Call someone that can fix it.

If you borrow it - Return it.

If you make a mess - Clean it up.

If you move it - Put it back.

If you don't know how to operate it - Leave it alone.

If it's not broke - Don't fix it.

If you will brighten someone's day - Say it.

If you fall off - Get back on and buy BEER!!!